electronic data interchange

EDI -Gentran Integration Suite/Sterling integrator
 Understanding about fundamental Integration Concepts, different Data Formats.
GIS / EDI initiatives through a range of service of
Course Objective:
 Overview of EDI
 Overview of Gentran Integration Suite
 Introduction to Data Mapping in GIS
 Inbound Business Processes.
 Outbound Business Processes
 Administering Maps

Course 1: Overview of EDI :

Course 2 : Overview of Gentran Integration Suite:
 History of the EDI and Standards
 Industry flow like business to business and Retail industry
 communiucation channel and how it work in EDI
 Attendees will be introduced to the functional and business capabilities Gentran
Integration Suite through lecture and demonstration. Upon completion of this session
you will:
 Understand the Dashboard components
 Understand the features and navigation of the Graphical Process Modeler
 Understand the features and navigation of the Map Editor
 Understand and be able to read the Business Process Monitor
 Have a general understanding of the Gentran Integration Suite product

Course 3: Introduction to Data Mapping in GIS:

Course 4: Inbound Business Processes:

Course 5: Outbound Business Processes:
 Understand the Map Editor
 Create an EDI map
 Write some extended rules
 Run a map test
 Installing the GPM,Overview of the GPM Menus and Navigation ,Title Bar ,Menu
Bar,Toolbar Stencils Pane and Stencils ,Stencil Elements ,Workspace Navigation Pane
,Editor Window
 The EDI Deenvelope Service and Predefined Deenveloping Processes Services Used
in the X12 DeenvelopeUnified Business Process
 How to Create an Inbound EDI Business Process File System Adapter ,Extraction
Business Process Creating a Business Process to Move Inbound Documents Creating a
Business Process to Move Outbound
 Acknowledgements Control Numbers ,Sequence Checking ,Duplicate Number
Checking ,Envelopes for EDI Documents.
 How to Create an Outbound EDI Business Process Sample EDI Outbound Business
Process Document Extraction Service When to Use , What It Does Document
Extraction Service Parameters For Each Document Service , Rules EDI Encoder
Service EDI Enveloping Service and Enveloping Processes Three Predefined
Enveloping Processes Services and Rules Used in the X12 Enveloping Business
Process Invoke Sub-Process Service
 Checking in a New Map Version Map Administration Functions Finding a Map Source
Manager Version Manager Searching for a Map By Name, By Map Type Enabling and
Disabling a Map Specifying a Default Map
 Ferings that include consulting ,custom GIS Sterling Integrator Map editor
development GIS Sterling Integrator migration and application support and